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BBC iPlayer - When Charlie is diagnosed with cancer, the prognosis is favourable - he's young and healthy and the cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, has been caught early and is a type of cancer that responds well to chemotherapy.


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The inscription Libra deinde fidelis translates as 'Faithful because free'.

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The AA Rosette restaurant menu features locally-caught seafood.

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Dave - Deluded Simon Porter dreams of passing his medical exam and becoming a doctor - but by starting at the bottom, and becoming the best porter the NHS has ever seen.

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The designs for the Southside Festival which takes place at the weekend are complete - think they turned out not bad considering we only actually got a week to make everything.

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Other artists were invited to join Banksy in creating works of art during the festival.

Richard Guinea became the new director from Nov 9th.

Like many young wannabe pop stars, I often gazed into the window and drooling over the tricia helfer nude gallery guitars on view - I can still recall seeing classic Fenders and Gretsches that would now be worth thousands but bought for a few quid back then.

This was before the Willys and the "mini" cars became the go-to style of Gassers.

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