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After Jake sash suicide naked to Japan for a year of military service, Alan's niece Jenny appears in the episode " Nangnangnangnang ," and Alan offers her kari sweets goes nude place to stay; Walden is not keen on this as he is tired of a Harper always taking domain in his house; he then changes his mind after finally warming up to Jenny, and realizing the Harpers are like family to him.

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Walden's ex-wife describes him as "having the emotional maturity of a year-old", [10] and she, his housekeeper Berta and his ex-girlfriend Zoey have all described him as needy.

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Apparently, Rose continues to stalk the Harper family regardless of Charlie's death and Walden is a victim of circumstance.

After a former employee named Nicole Odette Annable forms a new software company in her garage with her assistant Barry Clark Duke she asks Walden to help her design it.