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I got caught up in the excitement as it unfolded and am still stunned that stick figures can be so compelling.

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So called because they can wreak havoc on the shins of those new to shipboard life.

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The root of the debate is whether such an event is possible at all, though the phrase appears to be more a traditional exaggeration than an engineering possibility.

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And with every tiny movement comes a shudder of pain.

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The Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer commented on the film's role reversal of a pivotal scene in that film that " You have to be flattered that somebody wants to sort of try and make your movie again.

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Five armed pirates boarded general cargo ship.

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The only thing you can really work on in marriage is yourself and who knows, that may ultimately benefit the marriage.

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You were genuinely unaware of editors, authors and fans using the cheap outlets of fanzines, APAs, and op-eds and letters in their favorite magazines?

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