Congestive heart failure sucks.

Congestive heart failure sucks

She told me that my manager had gone to occy health to apparently verify something from my feedback.

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If their disease is bad and they get violent… they might injure you!

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I was denied my initial application, with a lawyer, and am in appeal now, with a lawyer.

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It makes caring even more difficult, and I am sure that the stresses of caregiving contribute to the development of many ailments in the carer.

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It makes ME hurt everytime I watch her struggle to walk, and I am so disappointed in the system.

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My mum had aspirated at the end of her life and ended up in hospital.

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He started coughing and quit eating and his breathing got very labored.

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I felt terrible:

They cant afford her prescriptions much less doctor visits and dads not so great himself after cancer treatments, open heart surgery schwein bdsm his own series of strokes.

What government money do they get?